Residential and Office Packing

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Residental and Commerical Packer in Telluride

Residential and Office Packing

At SurePack, Joe Verstrepen provides packing services for homes and offices. Joe has over 30 years of experience with packing and moving. At SurePack, we use the best shipping and packing supplies and provide experienced services. We also provide labeling services so you can easily find what you need among the many boxes.

Our goal is to provide our customers with professional residential and office packing services. That way, you can easily enjoy your new home or office space and leave all of the needed packing up to SurePack!

Whether you are shipping via carrier of renting a truck, SurePack supplies custom moving boxes and packs your home and office at a fair price. We make packing as easy as possible for our customers during challenging times, when starting a new chapter in life or moving to a new place. Give Joe a call at (970) 975-1260 between 9am and 5pm Tuesday to Saturday to learn how SurePack can accommodate your packing needs.

Whether You Are Shipping via Carrier or Renting a Truck, SurePack Supplies Standard and Custom Moving Boxes to Pack Your Home & Office!